Despite Everything, We Still Like Lupe Fiasco

Photo: Getty Imgaes

1. Lupe Fiasco, “Superstar (remix feat. Young Jeezy and T.I.)”
After a semi-disastrous sophomore album, Fiasco impressively staves off irrelevance with this solid remix featuring Young Jeezy, T.I., and a pretty sweet X-Men reference. [Just a Moment]

2. Palace, “San Francisco Sucks Sometimes”
OMG! We’re ROTFL after listening this track from the movie Girls Rock, about a real-life, no-boys-allowed school of rock, staffed by indie-rock luminaries such as Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein. [Music for Maniacs]

3. Tru-Paz, “Country Roads”
In the original, John Denver sings about the taste of moonshine in West Virginia. Tru-Paz’s sorta cover is set in Jamaica, where we’d imagine it tastes a little smokier. [Analog Giant]

4. The Watson Twins, “Just Like Heaven”
The Jenny Lewis–less Watson Twins will release their debut album soon, and it includes this Cure cover, which is softer, lonelier, and nearly as good as the original. [My Old Kentucky Blog]

5. The Duke Spirit, “The Step and the Walk”
The Duke spirit is the thing that was crushed by the UNC Tar Heels this weekend. It’s also a pretty good rock band from England. [ Anyone’s Guess]
—Ehren Gresehover

Despite Everything, We Still Like Lupe Fiasco