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Emmy-Losing Actress Jenna Fischer Reveals Secret of Her Near-Success

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“Rainn Wilson and I refer to ourselves as Emmy-losing actors. We’ll be on set in a scene, and I’ll be like, ‘Seriously everyone, be quiet — Emmy-losing actor about to work.’ Maybe everyone should have something like that. Did you win the fifth-grade spelling bee? You can go with whatever your highest achievement is. That should precede your name at all times.” —Jenna Fischer [Playboy via Office Tally]

“I think I disproved the theory that HBO could sell anything to everybody! I taught them a lesson, didn’t I?” —Wire creator David Simon [New Jersey Star-Ledger]

“I tell people the seminal film that’s responsible for everything that has happened was Batman & Robin. If it hadn’t been so bad, things wouldn’t have gotten so good.” Kevin Feige, the president of production for Marvel Studios, on the state of comic-book movies [LAT]

“I now have a more plaintive, sensitive, vulnerable register, which is apparently very annoying. I lack mystery now. I’m so available now. I have to find more restraints for Matthew.” —actor Hamish Linklater on the negative effects of quitting smoking [NYT]

“People get way more pissed when you suck if they recognize you from stuff.” Aziz Ansari on trying experimental comedy now that he’s famous [NYP]

Emmy-Losing Actress Jenna Fischer Reveals Secret of Her Near-Success