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Even Justin Timberlake Wants to Be Ben Silverman

Photo: Getty Images, Fox

Timberlake and Silverman to Bring SexyPeruvianTVShowBack (to America): Justin Timberlake will executive-produce his first-ever TV show, teaming up with Ben Silverman’s former company Reveille to create an American adaptation of the Peruvian sitcom My Problem With Women for NBC. The show is about a thirtysomething bachelor who visits a psychiatrist to find out why his girlfriends leave him. In NBC’s version, it’ll be because Justin Timberlake keeps sleeping with them. [HR]

Rumors of New Show About Nothing Come to Nothing: Last night, reported that Jerry Seinfeld was in talks to return to NBC, playing himself on a brand-new “exaggerated reality” series “just like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry, instead of Larry,” and, presumably, with fewer C-words. This morning, he and NBC both denied it (“There’s nothing to it,” claimed an NBC spokesperson; “We appreciate the enthusiasm, however,” said Seinfeld’s publicist), meaning it’s probably happening. [, Yahoo via Defamer]

Upcoming Beck Album to Have Awesome Drums: It’s been revealed that Danger Mouse will produce Beck’s forthcoming album (tentatively due this year), leaving Nigel Godrich totally free to produce your demo tape. [Harp Magazine]

Dour Musicians to Play Outside: According to reports, Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails will headline this year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago on August 1. Does anyone know someone at either of their record companies who could hook us up with tickets? [Chicago Tribune via Idolator]

You Can Finally Throw Out Your Dawson’s Creek VHS Collection: Warner Bros. TV group announce plans today to stream, for free, all old shows that aired on the WB over the Internet. [Mediaweek]

Even Justin Timberlake Wants to Be Ben Silverman