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Fat Joe Is Realistic About His Chances

Fat JoePhoto: Getty Images

“I don’t think no one would believe a 60-pound guy could beat up Fat Joe.” Fat Joe on the rumors that he was beaten up by Papoose [MTV]

“It’s Lost Boys on steroids. And I keep using that terminology because it’s really kind of factual.” Corey Feldman on Lost Boys: The Tribe and the meaning of “factual” [MTV]

“It’s a crazy drama-fest every single day. One time all of the main actors had to pose for a photo shoot – the cover of Vanity Fair. You should have seen the jockeying for position … the egos … it was unreal. Teri had to be in the middle. Nicolette wouldn’t be to Marcia’s left. Eva wanted taller heels. It was a nightmare.” Michael Schur on his best off-camera Office story [Kansas City Star]

“Right after I got the gig, a friend of a friend e-mailed me and said, you know, ‘Congratulations, I’m so happy for you, and also I just wanted to impart to you how great a responsibility this is.’” John Cho on not disappointing a legion of nerds in the Star Trek movie [AP via CNN]

”I call him Davey or Davo. He comes around to our place after school.” —14-year-old Ivan, of Tiny Masters of Today, on David Bowie [EW]

“I listened to more Amy Grant last year than anything else. I got the box set. So good. You don’t even know. So good.” John Darnielle [Pitchfork]

Fat Joe Is Realistic About His Chances