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‘Friday Night Lights’ Gets Saved!

Courtesy of NBC

Friday Night Lights Saved! Thanks to a cost-sharing partnership with DirectTV, NBC will bring back the low-rated but awesome Friday Night Lights for a third season. Now the question is, which network will be brave enough to share the cost of Cavemen with ABC? TNT? Telemundo? The Prehistory Channel? [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

We Hate Her! In a Q&A on the official American Idol Website, contestant Carly Smithson says her all-time favorite AI moment was when Sanjaya Malakar got voted off. []

There Might Be a Sopranos Movie! HBO has told the manager of New Jersey strip club Satin Dolls (which served as the Bada Bing gentlemen’s club on The Sopranos) to hold off on planned renovations, leading to speculation that there might be a Sopranos movie in the works. Sadly, there’s no word yet on whether there will be a Cavemen movie. [Oh No They Didn’t via Gawker]

David Gordon Green Can Do Anything! The Playlist takes a look at the varied movies David Gordon Green has reportedly been attached to these past few years, from the one about motocross champion James Stewart Jr. to the film adaptation of Confederacy of Dunces to a summer-camp comedy to star Seann William Scott. He would be perfect to direct the Cavemen movie! [Playlist]

Proof That Matt Groening Is Aware of Movies! Here’s a pretty excellent illustrated guide to 40 of The Simpsons’ best-ever movie references. [Neenja]

‘Friday Night Lights’ Gets Saved!