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Global Warming, Bad Weather Scuttle Fall Out Boy’s Quest for Antarctic Glory

Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

It’s a sad day for fans of emo and/or quixotic quests, as Fall Out Boy’s epic journey in search of a multi-continental world record was canceled today due to bad weather. “It’s an utter fucking disappointment,” bassist AND primary lyricist AND backing vocalist Pete Wentz told MTV.

Fall Out Boy was already contending with yet another foe on their journey, this one even worse than Hoth’s ferocious Wampa monster: the menace of global warming. Thanks to increasing temperatures, the Wilkins ice shelf on Antarctica’s western peninsula — the location of the island on which FOB intended to land — is cracking into pieces and collapsing into the ocean.

When reports of the environmental crisis threatening the world record — technically, threatening the world’s very future — reached FOB, the band made sure to disavow any responsibility. Wentz explained to MTV News, “Someone sent (the story) to me and they’re like ‘Oh now you guys are going and this ice shelf fell that wasn’t supposed to fall for another 15 years.’ And I’m like, ‘We didn’t even land there so that wasn’t even our fault.’”

But now, the quest, sadly, is no more. It’s unclear what Fall Out Boy will do now, besides return to the States and lick their wounds. Perhaps one day, Pete Wentz’s simple goals — to rock the icy wilderness and slap some flipper — will be fulfilled. —Tammy Oler

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Global Warming, Bad Weather Scuttle Fall Out Boy’s Quest for Antarctic Glory