Grand Theft Auto IV’s Map of New York ‘Liberty City’ Leaks

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

For all those who can’t wait until the April 29 release of greatest video game ever Grand Theft Auto IV to find out what parts of New York — er, sorry, “Liberty City” — you’ll be able to drive, pick up hookers, and whale on suckas in, there’s good news! Photos of what appear to be the genuine game insert have leaked, including a complete map of the game’s playable territory. The map confirms last year’s reports that Staten Island has been bypassed in favor of New Jersey, and Staten Islanders aren’t the only ones to get pissed; we’re angry that our neighborhood, Inwood, inaccurately seems to contain only a restaurant and a car wash. (In real life, it contains only car washes.)

We’re not crazy enough to post the images here, but the fine folks at Kotaku are crazy enough to post them, and keep them up in the face of sure-to-arrive take-down notices from Rockstar Games. Check it out!

GTA IV Street Map Leaked [Kotaku]

Grand Theft Auto IV’s Map of New York ‘Liberty City’ Leaks