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Hey, Did You Know Diablo Cody Used to Be a Stripper?

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“Then the dress comes on, and it’s slit so high you can see my utilitarian flesh-colored thong. Unfortunately, this is the Oscars and not a stripper convention. (I’ve been to both!)” Diablo Cody [EW]

“I just finished a movie called J.C.V.D. We’re going to premiere it in Cannes. It’s an acting type of film, a dramatic part.” Jean-Claude Van Damme on trying acting types of films for a change [MTV]

“I could get caught in a hotel room with Gary Coleman, four hookers and an ounce of blow, but since I brought my mom…” Mark Ronson on looking like a nice guy for taking his mother to the Grammys [Rolling Stone]

“I think that’s a similar feeling to what I have now. Not so much as in fuck you, it’s more like fuck it. I can only do what feels right.” —the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris on recording music for himself [A.V. Club]

“You know, he didn’t even have a beard back then. I had the very first beard in all of country music. And he used to give me a lot of shit for it!” Kris Kristofferson on Willie Nelson [Guardian]

Hey, Did You Know Diablo Cody Used to Be a Stripper?