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Hey, Hey, We’re the Lohans!

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Lohans’ Vegas Vacation: E! green-lights Living Lohan, a reality show starring Dina Lohan and her younger daughter Ali, in which the pair will live in the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas while Ali records an album. Asked whether the show will focus on sister Lindsay, a producer claims that Ali Lohan “has looked carefully at what happened to her sister and used it to apply to her own career.” To which we reply: No way! We don’t even want to take nudie pics of you, Ali! You’re way too young. [Variety]
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Pete Doherty to Write What He Knows: The Donmar Warehouse confirms rumors (or “rumours,” we guess) that former Libertine bandmates Pete Doherty and Carl Barat are writing a musical for the theater about the struggles of an up-and-coming rock band. Donmar casting agents are currently auditioning the palest wraiths from all of Britain’s best theater schools for the lead. [BBC]
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Goodman, Cusack Raise Shopaholic: John Goodman and Joan Cusack join the cast of the Jerry Bruckheimer–produced adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic as the parents of the titular enthusiastic consumer, played by Isla Fisher. While we all know that Cusack’s true spiritual heir is Judy Greer, some Cusack-Fisher mom-daughter repartee should be pretty enjoyable too. [Variety]

Hinds, Ludwig Climb Witch Mountain: Ciaran Hinds will follow up his diabolical turn in Broadway’s The Seafarer with more villainy, menacing wrestlers and children in Race to Witch Mountain, about a cab driver (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson) who must go on the run with two paranormal children (AnnaSophia Robb and new cast member Alexander Ludwig). [HR]

Byrne Knowing Cage: Rose Byrne gives Diane Kruger a break from her usual gig of keeping a straight face around Nicolas Cage by starring opposite Cage in Alex Proyas’s sci-fi thriller Knowing. [HR]

Potter, Goldwyn Choose a House: Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter sign on to Rogue Pictures’ remake of the Wes Craven horror classic Last House on the Left, presumably as the horrified suburban parents, through it would be perversely awesome if these two innocuous whitebread also-rans got cast as Craven’s legendary sex criminals. [Variety]

Hey, Hey, We’re the Lohans!