It’s the Return of Outkast Big Boi Feat. André 3000!

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1. Big Boi feat. André 3000, “Royal Flush”
“If you come up fortunate, the street consider you lame,” André 3000 raps — yes, raps! — on this track from Big Boi’s upcoming album. It’s not officially Outkast, but 99 out of 100 grateful fans won’t be able to tell the difference — they’ll be too busy doing the hokey pokey. [Nah Right]

2. Three 6 Mafia, “Lollipop (feat. Project Pat)”
Just like Michael Myers in Halloween (whose soundtrack provides a key sample here), the Triple 6 keep coming back, as do southern hip-hop songs named “Lollipop.” [Ants in My Trance]

3. My Morning Jacket, “Highly Suspicious”
MMJ debut some songs off the new record at SXSW. While they get comparisons to Neil Young a lot, this stuff sounds more like a parody of Young doing a Prince impersonation. We hope it sounds better on the record. [NPR]

4. Portishead, “Machine Gun (Noise Floor Crew remix)”
Noise Floor Crew adds some more, you know, instruments to this Portishead track to turn it into an actual, you know, song. [Trash Menagerie]

5. Bilkk Fang, “Nupital Eagles Sharpened”
This song sounds like what would happen if Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal and some dude from MGMT teamed up to do a Misfits cover, because that’s exactly what this is. Yes, your cerebral cortex is exploding. [Hypeful]
—Ehren Gresehover

It’s the Return of Outkast Big Boi Feat. André 3000!