Jarvis Cocker Plays One for the Ladies

Photo: Getty Images

1. Jarvis Cocker, “Girls Like It Too” (live)
If anyone knows what girls like, it’s certainly the fourth-handsomest guy from Pulp. By the way, this new song is awesome. [Fuel Friends]

2. Men Without Pants, “And the Girls Go”
In truth, we haven’t even listened to this MP3 yet; we just liked the band’s name. Luckily, Dan the Automator is a member, so it’s probably not bad. [Stereogum]

3. Mystery Jets, “Half in Love With Elizabeth”
Here’s the second-best song on the MJ’s new album (thought it is the one with the best title). [Dead Flowers]

4. British Sea Power, “No Lucifer” (live on Letterman)
The Brighton, England, weirdos perform their latest single for Dave, Paul Shaffer, and anyone lucky enough to be watching Monday’s Letterman. Man, we wish we’d TiVoed this. [Culture Bully]

5. Lil Wayne, “Westwood Freestyle”
In case you were under the impression that every word that comes out of Wayne’s mouth is brilliant, here are a few that aren’t. [Nah Right]

Jarvis Cocker Plays One for the Ladies