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Jason Segel Doing Most of His Acting With His Mustache

Photo: WireImage

“I’m finally doing some acting as opposed to varying my facial hair which has been my strategy up until now.” Jason Segel on his upcoming film I Love You, Man [ComingSoon.net]

“This time I’ll have a moustache.” Jason Segel confirming that I Love You, Man won’t be only bravura acting moments [ComingSoon.net]

“I don’t feel like this is a return to form so much as this is the level we work at generally. Of the 14 records we’ve made, I think 12 of them are pretty close to this.” Peter Buck would like you to stop mentioning Around the Sun [NYT]

“It’s like I had a baby and then I gave it up for adoption. Then Jon Stewart was the adoptive parent, and he raised it and it went to Harvard.” Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead [NYT]

“The best news George could have given me was, back in the old times, nobody was really super-muscular or big. And I was like: ‘Perfect! That basically means I can stick to my lazy regime of doing very little.’” John Krasinski on getting into shape for Leatherheads [NYT]

“It’s quite a different place from 1991 when I lived there. But it must be nice to have pretty girls walking around in revealing clothes all the time. It definitely wasn’t that way when I was there.” Stephen Malkmus remembers when Williamsburg was full of ugly chicks [Gothamist]

Jason Segel Doing Most of His Acting With His Mustache