Lil Wayne’s Relationship Status Unclear From New Single

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1. Lil Wayne, “A Millie”
On this new single, Lil Wayne says that he’s got girls like he’s Mike Lowery, which could be either Will Smith’s character in Bad Boys (lots of girls) or the former governor of Washington (happily married for three decades). Weezy’s rambling and eccentric enough on this track that it’s hard to tell for sure. [It’s the Money Shot]

2. Kanye West, “I Wonder (Sonidero Nacional remix)”
Kanye finally finds a valid use for those crazy white blinder sunglasses when he gets taken across the border by Sonidero Nacional. [8106]

3. Romanoff, “Zombie Bite”
Brooklyn’s Romanoff turn in a decent, Daft Punk–esque jam that’s saved from mediocrity by a creepy breakdown and a scream sample that make it sound like the party’s been infiltrated by real zombies instead of the vacant-eyed party kids you usually find. [Trash Menagerie]

4. Rick James vs. Duran Duran, “Superfreaks on Film”
Rick sounds a little naked (ew!) singing over this spartan Duran Duran track, but things get super awesome when Simon Le Bon starts singing along. [Ryan’s Smashing Life]

5. Wilco, “Glad It’s Over”
Wilco has a new song (an outtake from last year’s Sky Blue Sky) on the “soundtrack” to the TV show Heroes, just out this month. Judging from the title, we’d guess that Wilco thought this was more of a farewell disc than the shameless marketing ploy it really is. [Leather Canary]
—Ehren Gresehover

Lil Wayne’s Relationship Status Unclear From New Single