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Looking for Vulture’s Coverage of ‘The Wire’?

Courtesy of HBO

It’s been a busy day on Vulture, what with Ludacris, Eliot Spitzer, and Harold & Kumar, so a lot of our Wire coverage has sunk beneath the fold. If you’re looking for our responses to the season finale, they were many and varied:

‘The Wire’: One Last Long, Boozy Irish Wake for David Simon’s Accidental Masterpiece
Ten Questions Left Unanswered by the ‘Wire’ Finale
Actor Ptolemy Slocum on the Emotional Last Night of Shooting ‘The Wire’
‘The Wire’ Finale’s Montage: A Shot-by-Shot Commentary
Debating the Legacy of ‘The Wire’
Sternbergh on ‘The Wire’ Finale: The Anti-‘Sopranos’
David Simon Still Has Some Things to Say

And of course…

BREAKING: Eliot Spitzer Completes Tommy Carcetti’s Character Arc

Looking for Vulture’s Coverage of ‘The Wire’?