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Miramax, Rudin Living the ‘Lush Life’ With Richard Price

PricePhoto: Getty Images

Lush Life Snapped Up: Miramax and Scott Rudin have optioned the screen rights to Richard Price’s Lush Life. The best-reviewed book of a long career that includes Freedomland, Blood Brothers, and Clockers, Lush Life is — surprisingly — a police procedural. Price will script; we can only hope that Jimmy McNulty might make a cameo. [Variety]

Raimi Calls First: Sam Raimi will produce a TV series based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series of fantasy novels. The syndicated program, Wizard’s First Rule, is set on stations in the 50 biggest markets in the country and will begin production in May. If it’s half as good/bad as Xena, we’re ready to love/hate it forever. [Variety]

Bernie Mac Starting Under Davitian: Ken Davitian has boarded the Bernie Mac train with Fox’s upcoming comedy series Starting Under. Davitian is perhaps best known for his massive bunghole’s smothering of Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat. If that happens to Bernie Mac, this will be the best show ever. [Variety]

Fox Goes to Court: Fox has green-lit a one-hour “darkly comedic” courtroom drama, enigmatically titled Courtroom K, from House executive producer Paul Attanasio. Series will be set in Milwaukee, where Attanasio’s brother, Mark, owns the Milwaukee Brewers; in a unique cross-promotional plan, all supporting roles will be played by racing sausages. [HR]

Betting the Dark Horse: As Hellboy 2 prepares to unspool in July, Universal and indie comics giant Dark Horse Entertainment have signed a three-year production and distribution deal. Deal will allow Universal to use Dark Horse as a promoting platform for its movies, opening the door to Frank Miller’s graphic-novel adaptation of Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. [HR]

Birbiglia Has a Secret: Comedian Mike Birbiglia has been keeping a Weblog, or “blog,” if you will, and CBS has green-lit a comedy pilot based on his daily experiences. Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal will star Birbiglia as a stand-up comedian living in Brooklyn who “struggles in his efforts to be a grown up, have a relationship, and do the right things.” Ah, scripted television, how we’ve missed you. [HR]

Miramax, Rudin Living the ‘Lush Life’ With Richard Price