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Vulture Listens In on the New ‘Lost’ Theories

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Is Jin still alive? Are the Oceanic Six just plain nuts? Since we freely admit that we have no friggin’ idea — and because tonight’s episode will be the last new one for a month — we decided to once again check in with the ever-expanding universe of Lost message boards and fan sites to see what the best of the online conspiracy theorists have to say.

• Whether you think the Oceanic Six are completely batshit can really affect whether you think Jin is dead. If you think Sun’s calling for him during labor is a moment of insanity, you think he’s dead; if you think it was a moment of truth in an otherwise dishonest living situation, then you think Jin’s alive. Ditto with Jack’s mentioning his father in “Through the Looking Glass.” But don’t forget that Jin has totally completed his character transformation from controlling alpha male to caring husband, so he could definitely be dead. [Long Live Locke]

• Captain Gault’s forthcoming nature with Desmond and Sayid seems very suspect, given that everything and everyone else on the freighter remains mysterious. Why would he so freely share his crew’s mission with these two? We do have to keep in mind that “DON’T TRUST THE CAPTAIN” note. Also, if Michael is unaffected by the strange case of cabin fever sweeping through the freighter crew, then maybe his acts of sabotage are just a stall tactic until every crew member goes nuts. [TV Squad]

• Although it seems too straightforward for some and doesn’t appease the conspiracy theorists, maybe the plane actually did crash and land at the bottom of the ocean. This would be possible if the plane entered through a wormhole à la Donnie Darko and existed in two timelines at once. Though it’s hard to speculate on that now, maybe the contents of the flight’s black box will reveal more in the future. [Dark UFO]

• Stop your bickering over Aaron’s eligibility to be considered a member of the Oceanic Six. Media-coined terms don’t always make complete sense, so ignore the fact that he wasn’t yet born when the plane crashed, and accept that he joins Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and now Sun in this exclusive group. As an aside, it would be awesome if Michael were really a grown-up version of Walt. [EW]

• The jumps between past, present, and future in the episode not only suggest future time complications in the show’s narrative but also let viewers experience the concept of space-time as it is understood: a string of independent experiences all existing simultaneously. So keep an eye out for multi-episode usage of this new trick. [Powell’s Books]

• The members of the freighter are going nutso one by one, but did chain-clad Regina jump ship so she could rejoin (possible love interest) Naomi in the afterlife? Meanwhile, the preview for the final episode before the hiatus suggests that Ben somehow uses Walt as leverage to force Michael to be his spy on the freighter. If you give up on the show, just pester this blogger about his personal life — “The strangest by far is that a friend from college is named Benjamin Linas. I also have cousins with the last name Kwon. Ji Yeon is the name of a friend of my family since childhood. I could go on…” — since his life seems to be the inspiration for episodes anyway. [EYE M SICK] —Michael Alan Connelly

Vulture Listens In on the New ‘Lost’ Theories