New Ludacris Remix Is Habit-Forming

Photo: Getty Images

1. Ludacris, “Ultimate Satisfaction (Cabin Bwoy remix)”
Ludacris’s “Ultimate Satisfaction” gets even more ultimate (or at least druggier) with a sample from Underworld’s “Born Slippy,” made famous by the classic heroin comedy Trainspotting. [Get Weird Turn Pro]

2. Shawty Putt feat. Lil’ Jon, “Dat Baby”
Guys are rarely less charming than when they’re denying their paternity (“Bitch, you heard Maury!”), but when they start dropping naming all the rappers whom the baby might belong to, it’s hard not to be amused. [First Up]

3. The Oaks, “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”
The Oaks create warmly epic songs with mini-orchestral arrangements, like a twangier Sufjan Stevens. John Singer would be missing out. [Here Comes the Flood]

4. E-603, “Crunk Colony”
The denizens of master masher E-603’s “Crunk Colony” are people like Clipse, Postal Service, Crime Mob, Wolf Parade, and the Strokes. While they’ll make some great music, we’re guessing they probably won’t last through the winter. [Music I Have Been Listening to]

5. Drive-By Truckers, “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife”
The Truckers turn in a decent-enough performance on Conan — surprising, since half the band was sitting down the whole time. [Culture Bully] —Ehren Gresehover

New Ludacris Remix Is Habit-Forming