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Parker Posey Recalls Her Most Perfect Day

Photo: Getty Images

“I watched the entire first season, high on Vicodin, crying and eating lasagna from takeout somewhere, and I was like, ‘This is the greatest time ever. I’m working on this play, I had one day off, I’m watching the best TV ever.’” Parker Posey on Six Feet Under [BuzzSugar]

“I definitely wouldn’t do it again. I’ve been trying to think of something that rhymes with solace and all I could come up with is Wallace.” Paul McCartney on why he won’t be writing the theme song to the new Bond film (might we suggest “bollocks”?) [PR-Inside]

“My poor mother, she doesn’t ask questions any more. She just says, ‘Oh yeah, sex-doll movie. It’s great!’ She’s a really supportive mom.”Ryan Gosling on his mom’s opinion on his films, including Lars and the Real Girl [Guardian]

“I’ve been a fan of One Life to Live since I was a baby. My momma always had it on the tube in the crib growing up.” Snoop Dogg on his upcoming One Life to Live cameo and theme-song remix [USAT]

“There are things that I don’t need my folks to know that I did — that I play Xbox Live a lot. They don’t need to have the image of their 37-year-old son with a headset talking to his buddies about going to war.” Will Arnett [Movies Blog/MTV]

Parker Posey Recalls Her Most Perfect Day