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Paul Stanley Downplays the Importance of Paul Stanley

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“Some people can’t imagine it without me, but I’m here to tell you, I can. I believe Kiss is founded on something so solid that it will continue to live on, the way a football team continues. There have been great players, but there will always be other players.” Paul Stanley on his utter dispensability [PR-Inside]

“Today’s actors have their eyes up their asses. I hate amateurs. I love my business. I love acting.” Peter O’Toole [NYP]

“It’s unfortunate that when I started talking about all this — and partly through my own fault — the focus became totally about marijuana, and hemp got marginalized.” Woody Harrelson on how he inadvertently marginalized the hemp issue [Reuters via Yahoo]

“All my friends felt sorry for me because I was on a midseason replacement on a network no one had heard of on a show based on a movie that wasn’t all that.” Sarah Michelle Gellar on initial reaction to landing the role of Buffy Summers [AP via Yahoo]

“He’s the world’s greatest ninja, but he’s also next-generation. He’s not afraid to use a sword one second, and a split-second later he’s pulling out his Glock.” —director Stephen Sommers on the character of Snake Eyes in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie [USAT]

Paul Stanley Downplays the Importance of Paul Stanley