Portishead Makes Triumphant Return to Sounding Like Portishead

Photo: WireImage

1. Portishead, “Silence”
These guys haven’t released an album since 1998. But they’re back! And they sound more or less the way they did in 1998. [Nocna Hudba]

2. Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, “Dear Mr. Fantasy”
Winwood and Clapton played a Blind Faith reunion on Monday at Madison Square Garden, after which both, presumably, reunited with their chiropractors. [Inrumford]

3. Hadouken!, “Get Smashed Gate Crash”
In the classic Capcom video game Street Fighter II, hadouken! was the sound you heard just before being hit in the face by a fireball. Seems like an appropriate name for these guys. [Badical Beats]

4. Say Hi, “Toil and Trouble”
Formerly known as Say Hi to Your Mom, these guys are a lot less specific these days about whom they send their greetings to. Fortunately, they still sound the same. [Here Comes the Flood]

5. Willie Hustle, “Money Dance”
Up-and-comer Willie Hustle proudly guarantees that “if you don’t like this shit, you don’t like money.” So, we are ambivalent about money. [Notes From a Different Kitchen]

6. Liam Finn, “Second Chance”
Finn tears down the house on Letterman with this raw performance of his new single. Watch the video for his Inigo Montoya “I’m really left-handed” moment. [Culture Bully]

Portishead Makes Triumphant Return to Sounding Like Portishead