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Sam Rockwell Almost Perfect in Latest Role

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“I researched the born-again Christian stuff pretty thoroughly so I could improvise and could still keep it somewhat accurate, as far as the religious authenticity and how somebody like that would talk. Although I probably said ‘fuck’ one too many times.” Sam Rockwell on his role in Snow Angels [A.V. Club]

Manhattan was a very uptown, bourgeois view of things that just seemed totally false to me at the time. And uninteresting. And when I saw it again I realized it was Woody Allen’s fantasy, like the Emerald City of Oz. I found that more touching, in a way, than I did when it came out.” J. Hoberman [Gothamist]

“If you’re probing my fantasies, I always wanted to be the older friend of the president who would give them a different slant on the news of the day.”Jack Nicholson, who sounds like he’s campaigning for a spot on Hillary Clinton’s ticket [MTV]

“I carry my characters around. When I finished playing Amin, I had a long shower to try to get rid of him. I’m not sure it worked.” Forest Whitaker on washing Idi Amin right out of his hair [Guardian]

“If Sonic Youth did it, I figure I could do it! They used their power effectively.” Dennis Cooper on moving to a major publishing house [NYO]

Sam Rockwell Almost Perfect in Latest Role