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‘Semi-Pro’ Shoots a Box-Office Air Ball; What Went Wrong?

Courtesy of New Line

Has our national hunger for sports-related Will Ferrell comedies finally been sated? Despite estimates that it would make upwards of $30 million this weekend, New Line’s Semi-Pro earned only a disappointing $15.3 million, the lowest opening for a Ferrell comedy in more than ten years. Variety and box-office number-comparer Paul Dergarabedian blame the movie’s crappy reviews and R rating, which supposedly meant America’s teenagers were forced to stay home, taking recreational drugs and getting each other pregnant instead.

Really, though, can disappointed critics and an R rating still keep kids away from a movie? The last time we went to the theater, we saw several infants purchasing tickets to Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. And last March, 300 made $70 million in three days, probably all from children with fake I.D.’s and no parental guardians. As usual, we bet the problem was that, to the average citizen, Semi-Pro just didn’t look like as much fun as Guitar Hero 3. We actually saw it on Saturday and can indeed confirm that your time was been better spent at home with your Xboxes. Nice going, America!

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‘Semi-Pro’ Shoots a Box-Office Air Ball; What Went Wrong?