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Sir Ridley Scott Sick of Not Winning Oscars

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Scott Dwells With DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott had so much fun making Body of Lies, they’re reteaming for The Low Dwellers for Relativity Media. Project is said to echo the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men and focuses on an ex-con (DiCaprio) trying to outrun his troubled past. Script comes from Hollywood outsider Brad Ingelsby, a working insurance agent in Pennsylvania who, at this very moment, is peeing on his boss’ desk. [HR]

Truth Will Set Four Free: Tina Fey, Christopher Guest, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Hodgman have joined the cast of Ricky Gervais’s This Side of the Truth. Upon hearing Hodgman was cast in a Ricky Gervais movie, Justin Long angrily crashed his CPU. [HR]

James Seeing Green: Tony-nominated Brian d’Arcy James (Sweet Smell of Success) will play the lovable green ogre in Broadway’s Shrek, opening November 8. Joining him are Crybaby’s Chester Gregory II as Donkey and John Tartaglia as Pinocchio. To get into character, James promises to eat sticks, shower only in mud, and watch I Am Legend’s six-minute Shrek scene on loop. [Playbill]

Mr. Show Guys Back: All those worthless internet petitions have paid off, sort of, as David Cross and Bob Odenkirk will return to HBO in a new comedy pilot, David’s Situation. Show features Cross playing himself, and he moves to the suburbs with a liberal hippie and a right-wing conservative for roommates. [HR]

Garth Is the Girl: Jennie Garth will play the female lead in CBS’ comedy pilot My Best Friend’s Girl, created by 7th Heaven’s Brenda Hampton. Pilot centers on two best friends, one of whom falls in love with the other’s ex-wife (played by Garth). Good job, Jennie — way to dash our hopes that Kelly Taylor will be part of 902102. [HR]

Sir Ridley Scott Sick of Not Winning Oscars