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Snoop Dogg Stands Up for America’s Ugly Women

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“How many ugly women selling records? None! Only the pretty ones sell records — Beyonce, Mary J. The ugly ones just be singing their little hearts out but don’t get no sales.” Snoop Dogg, feminist [BET via Mirror]

“We probably get more leeway than most shows. And if we want to do something special — like, we just did this Tourette’s show, and we said ‘In order to do this show, we need to say ‘shit’ a bunch, or else it doesn’t make any sense’ — so we made a case for it, and they let us say ‘shit’ a bunch. And they let us say ‘cock,’ too. But it was within the realm of Tourette’s, so it was okay, I guess.” Matt Stone on making South Park [A.V. Club]

“You can prompt applause with a sign. My friend Seth Meyers coined the term ‘clapter,’ which is when you do a political joke and people go, ‘Woo-hoo.’ It means they sort of approve but didn’t really like it that much. You hear a lot of that on [whispers] The Daily Show.” Tina Fey [PageSix.com]

“The green screen is like a whole other animal. It’s so much different from climbing mountains in Alaska.” Emile Hirsch on the surprising difference between filming Speed Racer and Into the Wild [ComingSoon]

“Once we finished the final cut and color-timed it, literally everything seemed to work itself out. Even the Middle East, I’m sure you’ve seen that everything’s worked out there, and everyone’s happy.” Zak Penn on the power of his upcoming film The Grand [ComingSoon]

“Like, Ozzy — working with him was so interesting, because he reminded me — ah, I don’t want to get in trouble — but he reminded me a little of Queen Victoria. Like, he was very delicate.” Moby on one of his favorite collaborators, Ozzy Osbourne [Pop Candy/USAT]

Snoop Dogg Stands Up for America’s Ugly Women