The New Black Crowes Song Is Okay, Probably

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1. The Black Crowes, “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution”
The Black Crowes were on Leno Friday, and though we haven’t seen the performance, we’d give it two and a half stars. [Culture Bully]

2. The Raconteurs, “Top Yourself”
We really appreciate all the effort that Jack White and iTunes put in to making sure this album leaked super-early. It sounds good! [Frequenze Indipendenti]

3. The Walkmen, “Passin’ Through”
Leonard Cohen is about to go on his first tour in a zillion years, but this Walkmen cover recorded for Daytrotter sounds more like the original that the man himself will probably be able to manage. [Daytrotter]

4. Paper Route Gangstaz, “Bama Gettin’ Money (Diplo Remix)”
The PRGz drop references to Super Fly Snuka and Diplo uses a big sample from “Careless Whisper,” and suddenly it’s 1984 again, except way more gangsta. [Gorilla vs. Bear]

5. Cakewhole, “Stab You”
We don’t speak fluent Australian, but we’re pretty sure that lyrics like “so meet my knife, it’s also my wife” and “we’re cakehole and we’ll swallow you mole” don’t make sense in any language. On the other hand, they’re pretty clear about how much they want to stab you. [Who the Bloody Hell Are They?]
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The New Black Crowes Song Is Okay, Probably