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Trent Reznor Disproves Need for Record Labels, Singing

Courtesy of Nasty Little Man

Reznor Not Singing All the Way to the Bank: Nine Inch Nails’ online store has sold its entire run of 2,500 $300 limited-edition versions of his self-released new instrumental album, Ghosts (which just went on sale on Sunday), meaning Trent Reznor’s probably already made at least $600,000 on a double album of synthesizer instrumentals. [Idolator]

The CW to Bring Underrepresented Minority to Prime Time: Because Gossip Girl clearly hasn’t taught us enough about the plight of spoiled wealthy teenagers, the CW has green-lit a pilot based on Zoey Dean’s How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls. [Variety]

Warner Buys Children: Charles Bock’s Beautiful Children has been optioned by Warner Independent Pictures, who are reportedly in talks to have Eric Roth write the screenplay. Maybe now the press will finally start paying Bock some attention. [Variety]

Pitchfork Invents Music Televison: On April 7, Pitchfork will launch its own video site,, finally giving their telegenic music critics a chance in the spotlight. [Pitchfork]

American Idol Scandal Roundup: Eliminated Idol contestant Robbie Carrico denies wearing a wig. Finalist David Hernandez will not lose his place on the show just because he used to be a stripper (though the controversy causes Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil to wonder if we have a national bias against male strippers). Also, the list of songs contestants are performing tonight has leaked and — spoiler alert! — it’s terrible. [People, AP, Idolator]

Trent Reznor Disproves Need for Record Labels, Singing