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‘How I Met Your Mother’: We Think We Figured Out Who ‘Your Mother’ Is

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On last night’s sappier-than-usual episode of How I Met Your Mother, we were teased — as we often are — with hints that this might be the episode where Ted meets the mysterious woman who, when he turns into the voice of Bob Saget, incubates his two annoying children. We were told that “your mother” was at the Saint Patrick’s Day party in a club where a huge-haired Ted makes a drunken ass out of himself. At the end of the episode, though, Ted tells us in voice-over that he only found out “your mother” was at the club years later, and that they didn’t really meet that night.

But we think we maybe figured out who it is!

At one point in the party, Ted brushes past a woman in the club on his way to talk to Barney. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he says. “That’s okay,” she replies.

Despite the relatively unexciting, nay, superfluous, nature of that scene, the character lands in the credits — we think — as “Woman,” played by an actress named Nicole Muirbrook Wagner. Over on IMDb, where every aspiring starlet has posted her head shot, even if she’s only got two credits to her name, it certainly seems as though Wagner looks very like the woman in the bar. And what was the point of that scene, other than to be able to flash back to it two seasons from now when Ted and “Woman” (presumably she’ll get a name someday) fall deeply in love?

Unless, you know, that scene was put in there just to fuck with people like us who employ Lost-style fan-investigation techniques on a goofball sitcom.

‘How I Met Your Mother’: We Think We Figured Out Who ‘Your Mother’ Is