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What Kind of Heartthrob Will Dominic Cooper Become?

Kois, Dan: hott
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This morning we were a little dismissive of British actor Dominic Cooper. God, we’re so snarky sometimes! The truth is, we’re not above appointing Vulture crushes — and Cooper is brooding, British, and handsome in a way that makes pretty much everyone we know a little overexcited, especially after we all saw him as the student lusted after by one and all in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. So it’s a given that he’ll be a heartthrob. But what kind of heartthrob?

We suggested back in December that Cooper might be the next Zac Efron, with this summer’s Mamma Mia! being 2007’s Hairspray. Like the High School Musical star, he’ll show off his singing skills (though he says they’re not great), and — how to put this politely? — History Boys’ Dakin does appeal to both men and women. (Advantage over Efron: He’s legal!)

But, speaking of Dakin, Cooper could turn out to be the smart, seductive, attention-craving leader of the pack we fell in love with in Bennett’s play and movie to begin with.

Then again, he could be the brooding British intellectual, à la James McAvoy; later this year, he’ll star in the period piece The Duchess opposite — shocking, we know — Keira Knightley.

Or maybe he’s the witty, shy guy next door! After all, he’s appearing in Brief Encounters With Hideous Men, the David Foster Wallace adaptation directed by Office cutie John Krasinski.

So many heartthrob possibilities! When you Scotch Tape a photo of him to the inside of your locker, just remember: We called him first. —Lori Fradkin

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What Kind of Heartthrob Will Dominic Cooper Become?