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Which Former ‘Kid Nation’ Contestant Is Suing CBS?

Courtesy of CBS (kid, logo), iStockphoto (fire, bleach)

Vulture’s all-time favorite child-abuse-based reality show Kid Nation is back in the news today! Nikki Finke is reporting that one former contestant who was injured during filming is pursuing a possible lawsuit against CBS. According to Finke, the network has been trying to settle this outside of the courts, but the potential plaintiff is asking for “high 7 figures” while they only want to pay $50,000 (the exact value of one of those super gold stars from the finale). So which kid is it?

We’re only aware of five serious injuries happening during taping — four unnamed youngsters accidentally drank bleach from an unmarked soda bottle (it happened off camera and they all lived, we think), and then-11-year-old Divad Miles burned her face on a stove while preparing a meal. At the time, Divad didn’t seem all that upset about it, brushing it off and telling other contestants, “I’m fine.” This is probably because she was in the middle of an all-out campaign to win one of Kid Nation’s $20,000 gold stars. She even made signs begging the town council for one! Hilariously, that episode’s gold star went to hardworking home-schooled contestant Nathan, which is why we think embittered kid Divad is the most likely suspect.

Still, we never did find out who the bleach drinkers were. If one was Alex (i.e. the Smartest Kid in Bonanza City), he’s probably the only kid on the show who could figure out a way to sue despite his having signed a blanket waiver absolving the network of all liability. We just hope this gets resolved soon so CBS can get back to work on season two!

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Which Former ‘Kid Nation’ Contestant Is Suing CBS?