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Whitney Port Is Under No Illusions About ‘The Hills’

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“I don’t really know how to justify watching The Hills, to be honest.” Whitney Port, star of The Hills [MTV]

“I’m just so completely devoted to Paddy McAloon and think he’s so brilliant. If we lived in a different era, he would be George Gershwin and everybody would give him Grammys and he’d live in a penthouse in New York. Instead, he’s an alcoholic who lives in Newcastle and nobody listens to his records.” Torquil Campbell [A.V. Club]

“The problem with the movie is that we wrote it for Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. In 1990, the closest thing to that was Mel Gibson, and there really wasn’t anything again until the modern-day Clooney.” Duncan Brantley on the seventeen years that Leatherheads spent in development [LAT]

“There’s one little thing we’ll find that will imbue me with a sense of being that person. Renee Zellweger: I just put these eyelashes on and tried to think of Lamb Chop from Shari Lewis.” Tracey Ullman on her impressions [USA Today]

“It doesn’t appear to the court that the trip has a valid business purpose.” —US Magistrate Robert McQuaid on denying a motion to allow Joe Francis to attend an adult entertainment conference [USA Today]

Whitney Port Is Under No Illusions About ‘The Hills’