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Willow and Jaden Smith to Stretch, Play Adorable Siblings Onscreen

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Siblings Smith in Kibuishi’s Amulet: In what scientists around the globe are calling “the cutest thing ever,” siblings Willow and Jaden Smith will appear together in Warners’ Amulet, based on Kazu Kibuishi’s excellent all-ages graphic novel. (Read an excerpt here!) Should the adaptation work a scene in which the Smiths appear on screen with otters holding hands into the original’s story of kids rescuing their mom from an underground monster, physicists warn that a cuteness event horizon might swallow the galaxy. [Variety]

One Series in Paris: Paris Hilton is coming to MTV in her own reality show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, wherein twenty contestants will vie to be Paris’s best friend by competing in challenges and stabbing each other in the back. “Paris is one of the most-searched icons on the Web,” said MTV’s Brian Graden, without somehow you adding, “if you know what I mean.” [HR]

Whitty and Moore to Sweep 2010 Tonys: Avenue Q’s book writer, Jeff Whitty, and its director, Jason Moore, will continue their collaboration of hilarity with their next project: an adaptation of Armistead Maupin’s SanFran-centric Tales of the City. Setting light to this Molotov cocktail of awesome, Jason Sellards and John Garden of the Scissor Sisters will score. In fact, everyone who sees this show will also get a Tony. [Playbill]

Twice for Thomas: With yesterday’s announcement that he’d be writing 902102, you’d think Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas would maybe take the day off, drink a few beers and eat beef jerky, but you’d be wrong. Thomas has set up another pilot at ABC — a “reinvention” of his short-lived 1998 show, Cupid — just to spite your lazy, beef-jerky-eating ass. And tomorrow he’ll set up a reboot of Designing Women for the hat trick. [HR]

Fincher Feels Heavy: An animated anthology movie inspired by seventies pinup-fantasy magazine Heavy Metal is coming alive with Zodiac’s David Fincher and TMNT’s Kevin Eastman directing segments. Influential erotic art mag launched the career of H.R. Giger, best known for creating the alien that scared the shit out of you in Alien and sang “Hello My Baby” in Spaceballs. [Variety]

Lithgow on Lithgow: John Lithgow’s next project will be about something very important: himself. With Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsJack O’Brien directing him once again, Lithgow’s solo show, Stories By Heart, will play at Lincoln Center’s Newhouse Theater from April 20 to June 2. Did you know he graduated from Harvard and won a Fulbright? There, we just saved you 55 bucks. [Playbill]

Willow and Jaden Smith to Stretch, Play Adorable Siblings Onscreen