World Still Ending, R.E.M. Still Feeling Pretty Much Okay

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1. R.E.M., “I’m Gonna D.J.”
On the closing track of R.E.M.’s pretty-good, just-leaked new album, Michael Stipe claims he’s “gonna D.J. at the end of the world,” which seems like a pretty inefficient use of one’s final moments, particularly since we have iPods now. [Swill Merchant]

2. Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl, “Leather and Lace”
As Ferrell caresses Grohl’s face during this performance from a recent 826LA benefit, Grohl breaks character and tells him, “You’re fucking me up, Will,” which proves that as a couple they have better communication than Henley and Nicks ever did. [Fuel Friends]

3. Teriyaki Boyz, “Zock On!”
Japan’s best rap act returns with a track featuring an arcade-game beat from the best production team named after a planet (the Neptunes) and a guest spot from best rapper named Busta Rhymes. [First Up]

4. Kevin Barnes, “Shakedown Street”
Of Montreal’s front man catches Austin’s hippie vibe and covers the Grateful Dead for a solo set at SXSW. [Lullabyes]

5. Mystery Jets and Natty, “One (Blake’s Got a New Face)” (Vampire Weekend cover)
Mystery Jets and Natty team up to do a version of the VW track. Is this a backlash to the backlash, or have they still not heard about the original backlash? [Turn the Page]

6. Mavado feat. Jay-Z, “I’m on the Rock (remix)”
Mavado sings about how the Jamaican security forces busted up his birthday party with armed attacks squads in helicopters. [Analog Giant]
—Ehren Gresehover

World Still Ending, R.E.M. Still Feeling Pretty Much Okay