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‘American Idol’: Paula Abdul Totally Clears Everything Up

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On Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning, Paula Abdul did her best to explain her incredible prescience on last night’s American Idol. How was she able to critique Jason Castro’s performance of “September Morn” before she even saw it? According to Paula, she had stopped by the show’s dress rehearsal and heard “the last minute” of “September Morn” on the monitors. That evening, Paula says, she and the other judges were surprised by the request that they critique the contestants after the first set of songs — a request, Seacrest noted, that came from Fox mid-show. “It’s so confusing,” Paula pointed out, sagely. “It’s like, ‘Hello!’”

Anyway, the judges — already caught by surprise by Seacrest’s earlier declaration that they wouldn’t be judging until after the second song — had been taking notes. “You should’ve seen our notes, Ryan,” Paula said this morning explaining that typically the judges do not write things down. “Simon’s are like, ‘Bad. Good. Horrible.’” Anyway, we’re still not quite sure what happened next; for some reason Paula wrote down details of the dress rehearsal on her notes and then got all discombobulated. “What are we doing? Are we critiquing people on both songs? And the only person who I’d seen do two songs was Jason Castro.”

In short, Paula Abdul has denied being divinely omniscient. We think she’s just covering up her own majestic, godlike powers. Tell the truth, Paula!

Paula Clears Up Why She Was Confused on Last Night’s Idol [KIIS FM]

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‘American Idol’: Paula Abdul Totally Clears Everything Up