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Amy Poehler Typecast As Short Person

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“I’d like to think that I don’t have a stock character that I go to. I’m lucky in that when you get to initiate your own scene, you get to play whoever you want. That’s really kind of cool, but all my characters are short. I look on the videotape, and I thought they were taller, but they’re all 5’2”.” Amy Poehler on her stock improv character [A.V. Club]

“I don’t want to say it happened at a good time in his career, because there’s never a good time to go to prison, but he has established himself with that mystique of his problems in the past, and it’s part of who he is.” Chaz Williams, CEO of Black Hand Entertainment, on T.I.’s possible prison sentence [MTV]

“We’ve been desperately trying to hide her pregnancy on the show. You can’t tell. She’s behind a copier machine, behind a pile of papers. It’s kind of funny.” Kate Flannery on how The Office is trying to hide Angela Kinsey’s baby bump [People]

“Mike and I have always had success writing what we know. What we know now is that we’re middle-aged, neurotic and fat.” Ray Romano on his relationship with his writing partner, Mike Royce, on Everybody Loves Raymond and the upcoming Men of a Certain Age [HR via Yahoo]

“There’s a scene where I literally fight myself, another version of me, which is something I did on the original Kung Fu. That’s a moment my die-hard fans should instantly pick up on.” David Carradine on Son of the Dragon [AP via Yahoo]

Amy Poehler Typecast As Short Person