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A.O. Scott Steals From Children

Photo: Getty Images

Scott Kids Lends a Hand: A blogger points out today that esteemed New York Times film critic A.O. Scott has frequently incorporated the opinions of his children into his reviews. We’d complain, but they’re actually remarkably perceptive. [Looker via Defamer]

Idol Finalists to Shriek: Tonight on American Idol, the seven remaining singers will perform music made famous by Mariah Carey. The fact that it’s April will, sadly, preclude any of them from doing her best song. [Reality TV]

Incredible Coincidence: The eagle-eyed nerds at io9 have noticed that the awesome new poster for The Incredible Hulk looks pretty much exactly the same as the famous cover for The Amazing Spider-Man, issue #50. Also, the movie itself bears a few passing similarities to 2003’s Hulk. [io9]

Neal Leaves L&O: Diane Neal, better known as Senior Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak, is leaving Law & Order after five years. Why? No one knows! [Daily Intel]

No Reality Show for Axl: Via Guns N’ Roses’ official Website, Axl Rose has announced that rumors about a reality show based on his life are completely untrue. He also denies that he is working on an album. [Official site via Idolator]

A.O. Scott Steals From Children