Cool Kids Would Like to Thank the Academy

Photo: FilmMagic

1. Cool Kids, “Oscar”
On this new track, the indie hip-hop duo compare themselves to James Bond, Randall Cunningham, and Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (that last one was probably just to fit a rhyme). [Nah Right]

2. Animal Collective, “Water Curses”
From their new EP, here’s another top-notch piece of magic-mushroom-inspired nonsense from the undisputed masters of that sort of thing. [MySpace via Stereogum]

3. Young Buck, “It’s Not OK”
Buck laments the world’s ills: poverty, drugs, violence, and — worst of all — the fact that he’s been kicked out of G-Unit. [Nah Right]

4. Radiohead, “Nude” (live on Jonathan Ross)
The band plays its current single live on the BBC and makes it all the way to the end without screwing up. [Raised on Indie]

5. The Only Ones, “Another Girl, Another Planet” (live on Jools Holland)
The reunited seventies punks perform their sorta hit for a crowd that probably wishes it had gotten tickets to the Jonathan Ross show instead. [Culture Bully]

Cool Kids Would Like to Thank the Academy