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David Archuleta’s Father Has Impeccable Taste in Songs

Photo: Courtesy of Fox; okmagazine.com

If you, like us, were wondering how David Archuleta chooses the music he performs masterfully on American Idol week after week, wonder no more — he doesn’t! According to David’s vocal coach, the front-runner’s father picks all his songs. For each episode, Jeff Archuleta purportedly prepares a short list of tracks, one of which David picks and transforms from mere song into an event. Obviously this is just more fodder for opponents of Jeff’s controversial (but highly effective!) methods of (alleged!) stage parenting, but we think it’s hard to argue with results. Did you see David’s version of “Think of Me” last night? It was perfect! (Except for the part when he forgot the words, but that wasn’t his father’s fault!) Jeff is obviously looking out for his son’s best interests here; David is 17 years old — there’s no telling what kind of crappy songs he’d pick on his own!

’Dad Picks David’s Songs,’ Says Coach [OK!]

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David Archuleta’s Father Has Impeccable Taste in Songs