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Elvis Costello Proves That CDs Are Not Yet Dead

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Yesterday, Elvis Costello’s new album Momofuku (it has nothing to do with that Momofuku) was released exclusively on vinyl. Now, a full day later, the record still hasn’t leaked to the Internet. Why not? Probably because it’s really, really hard to make MP3s from a vinyl record. We’d imagine one would need special software and probably a few cables from Radio Shack, not to mention some sort of antediluvian record-playing device. There are very likely thousands of music pirates around the world working tirelessly right now to try to upload Momofuku (which apparently includes contributions from Jenny Lewis and sounds awesome) to Soulseek, but, thus far, their efforts have been in vain. So, for all the talk about compact discs being irrelevant, Costello teaches us an important lesson today — without them, there is virtually no way to get songs on our iPods.

Momofuku [Elvis Costello]

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Elvis Costello Proves That CDs Are Not Yet Dead