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‘Exile in Guyville’ Reissue: We Only Wanted More Than We Knew

Courtesy of Matador Records

We’re plenty excited about the upcoming fifteen-year anniversary reissue of Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville — after all, it’s the only CD we’ve ever had to repurchase due to flat-out wearing it out from overplay, so we guess buying another copy won’t kill us. But are we wrong to think that Phair’s new label, ATO, is being awfully skimpy with the bonus material? After all, this is an album that famously was built out of Phair’s home-recorded Girlysound Tapes — several hours’ worth of never-released songs, many of which are jaw-droppingly great. (And some of which are awful!)

But all we get on this “deluxe reissue” is a DVD of Liz interviewing her friends and four additional tracks? Seems pretty crappy to us! How about a pricey three-disc set, with the album, alternate studio tracks, and a disc of Girlysound’s greatest hits? If Liz Phair has half the commercial ambition we thought she did, she’d jump on this idea tout de suite.

Liz Phair Reissues Exile in Guyville, Signs to ATO [Pitchfork]

‘Exile in Guyville’ Reissue: We Only Wanted More Than We Knew