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Fergie Issues Dire Warning

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“So we’ll all get back in the studio this year. I’ll get back in the studio this year. We’ll keep working. We’re workaholics.” Fergie on why nothing can save us from a new Black Eyed Peas album [MTV]

“But the commercials where the dog talks to the little girl about how she’s changed because she smokes pot… A talking dog is not the answer. That’s not a way to convince people not to smoke pot. If animals started talking to me, I would up my pot consumption just to make that happen.” Doug Benson [A.V. Club]

“If she don’t like [my music, then] I don’t like that classical music shit she be doing. She’s playing some shit that don’t relate to me.” 50 Cent on Alicia Keys [Guardian]

“I decided to call it Bigger Than the Mayor because where I’m from — I don’t know about everywhere else — the kids don’t even know who the mayor is.” Rich Boy on his new album [MTV]

“I realized you can never, ever read Fitzgerald while you’re writing a book because you just want to kill yourself.” Sophie Dahl on her inspirations [AP via Yahoo]

Fergie Issues Dire Warning