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George Clooney Typecast As Idiot

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“I’m playing this character Harry Pfarrer in Burn After Reading and I am now over, I have leaped heads and shoulders over the other idiots I have played. This is my trilogy of idiots with the Coen bros.” George Clooney [Moviehole]

“I met with the director a few times and he’s got it all under control … I can’t wait to see that movie.” Keanu Reeves, assuring fans that the film Watchmen is going just fine without him [Movies Blog/MTV]

“We were casting the movie and it’s like when you go to the airport and there’s a guy waiting for you with the car service so the people who were scouting didn’t write my name, they just wrote ‘Smart People’ and everyone coming down the escalator who saw that, said ‘Hi, that’s me!’” —director Noam Murro on the benefits of naming his upcoming film Smart People [ComingSoon]

“It’s a gift. It’s something that once you see it, you’re like, ‘If I get a chance to be involved in nurturing this artist, this is more than a business or making money in the music industry, I could be a part of giving a gift to the world of something like Billie Holiday.’ That’s a gift. Mary J. Blige, I been blessed to be a part of, that’s a gift. Biggie, that’s a gift. This, to me, is one of my gifts.” —musical wise man Diddy, bestowing his latest gift, Janelle Monáe [MTV]

“We have a magic mirror that people go into to experience their imaginations, and they have a choice of which direction they want their lives to go. There’s one direction where it looks good, but it’s actually not good, and then there’s [one] that doesn’t look good, and that’s probably the right path to take.” Verne Troyer on the plot of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus [MTV]

George Clooney Typecast As Idiot