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George Clooney’s Secret Beef With the WGA Revealed!

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Clooney Goes Fi-Core: It’s apparently just come to light that handsome, rascally screen idol George Clooney went financial core last fall after the Writers Guild decided that his rewrite of Leatherheads (“the third and by a wide margin the weakest movie [he’s] directed” —A.O. Scott) did not justify him receiving a writing credit. (Financial core WGA members are still members of the guild, but forfeit many of their rights.) Clooney allegedly kept his decision quiet because WGA was preparing for the strike. Man, what a class act. Shame on you, writers! [Variety]

Dance Crews Needed: Season two of the Randy Jackson–produced America’s Best Dance Crew is auditioning new contestants in New York next Friday (April 18) at Pier 60, with callbacks happening the following day. If anyone reading this can pop and/or lock, please leave us your info in the comments, since producers have already informed Dan and Lane that they, alone, do not qualify as a dance crew, regardless of how funky fresh their choreography is. [MySpace]

Thom Has Sent You a Friend Request: Since there’s a dearth of these things on the Internet, Radiohead have started their own social-networking Website. [W.A.S.T.E. Central]

This Likely Means Nothing: Axl Rose is reportedly playing six songs from Chinese Democracy for “music industry honchos and tastemakers” indicating that it could finally be nearly half-complete. [E!]

People Still Using Televisions: According to the results of a new study, thanks to DVDs and video games, people didn’t use their TVs any less during the writers’ strike; they just spent less time watching crappy television shows. [HR]

OH MY GOD, EVERYBODY!: Beyoncé and Jay-Z are getting married, like, right now! [Insider]

OH MY GOD, EVERYBODY!: Christopher Walken is hosting SNL tomorrow night, so we strongly urge you to leave work right now to run home and set your TiVos before you forget.

George Clooney’s Secret Beef With the WGA Revealed!