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In Bold Career Move, Halle Berry Will Play Many Dumb Characters at Once

From left, Halle Berry, Halle Berry, Halle Berry.Photo: Getty Images

Berry Goes Multiple: Attention, unintentional-comedy lovers: Remember the name Frankie and Alice. That’s the title of Halle Berry’s next Oscar-bait vehicle, in which she will play a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, with one of her personalities being a racist white guy. The sight of Halle Berry talking in several different funny voices should make for highly enjoyable late-night drunken viewing on HBOZ in mid-2012. [Variety]

More Moore: Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore is creating and writing a new science-fiction trilogy for United Artists, the plot of which is under wraps. Will he save Tom Cruise’s bacon with a new Matrix-y franchise, or make the next Serenity-style, “How could this have flopped? All my friends saw it!” also-ran? [Variety]

Nixon Gets Distracted: Cynthia Nixon will topline the Roundabout Theater’s February 2009 production of Lisa Loomer’s new play Distracted as a mother who thinks that attention deficit disorder may be the cause of her son’s problems. Given that this is a Nixon-starring middle-class play at a middlebrow theater, is she sure the problem isn’t Biltmore Syndrome? Bring on the pirates and zombies! [Playbill]

Rosario Online: Can Rosario Dawson possibly succeed where Lonelygirl15 failed? We’ll find out for sure now that NBC-Universal has acquired the rights to Electric Farm’s new Dawson-starring Internet series Gemini Division, about simulated life forms that have assimilated with the general public. [HR]

Kelly Likes ‘Em 12: R. Kelly is back in the public eye with a vengeance this summer, as the controversial crooner sets the release of his new album, 12 Play: Fourth Quarter, for this summer. In light of this news, Vulture staffers plan to take the summer off while the posts write themselves. [Billboard]

In Bold Career Move, Halle Berry Will Play Many Dumb Characters at Once