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Jason Segel: A Sensitive Hero for Our Times

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“I was trying to experience this viscerally, as a person … But all I could think was: ‘This is hilarious. I cannot wait for her to leave so I can write this down.’” Jason Segel on getting dumped by his girlfriend while naked [NYT]

“My mind works differently. Puccini closes his eyes for inspiration and gets ‘Nessun Dorma.’ I close my eyes and get this.” Craig Bierko on his new Internet series, “Bathing With Bierko” [NYT]

“It was sort of like a, well, you remember the Super Bowl, right. You know Jeremy Shockey? He broke his leg. He had to sit up in the press box and watch. He couldn’t help his team win. He couldn’t play. The greatest, most talked-about, most publicized Super Bowl in our time and he’s sitting watching; instead of actually being able to participate. Terrible … And I know, I know, I brought it on myself.” T.I. on getting arrested on the night before the BET Hip-Hop Awards [MTV]

“I don’t want to say I’m 100 percent sure, like, ‘Yeah, this is it.’ But 85 percent. That 15 percent is the X factor. That could be bills. Like, ‘Lupe, you got to pay the bills.’” Lupe Fiasco on his plans to retire [MTV]

“There’s enough going on in the movie and enough going on with the cast that people are going to give it a shot regardless of whether they know about it or not. How many people actually rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride before going to see that movie?” Jon Favreau on Iron Man [NYP]

Jason Segel: A Sensitive Hero for Our Times