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Jesse L. Martin Would Like to Meet Your Parents

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Martin Is Coming to Dinner: The good news: With his run on Law & Order ending this week, Jesse L. Martin is planning his return to Broadway. The bad news: Instead of unpacking his amazing pipes in an awesome new musical (or any musical, for that matter), Martin will star in director Kenny Leon’s unlikely-to-be-relevant stage adaptation of the film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, which will scandalize Broadway audiences by arguing that it’s all right for people of different races to marry. [HR]

Terminator Sequel to Feature Hot Fighting Chick: Moon Bloodgood joins the cast of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins as a “no-nonsense and battle-hardened member of the resistance” — a real shocker, as female leads in the Terminator franchise are usually shrinking violets and supportive girlfriends. [HR]

Smart to Turn Another Crank: Amy Smart, who apparently wasn’t adequately humiliated by having public sex with Jason Statham in the first Crank movie, signs on for the sequel. Celebrity nudist Bai Ling joins the franchise this time, so we’re betting that Smart will have to mud-wrestle her on television in order to keep Statham alive. [Variety]

Silverstone Writes Handbook: Apparently Alicia Silverstone has played the romantic lead in failed comedies for long enough that it’s time for her to start playing the mother in failed comedies, as she toplines ABC’s single-camera sitcom pilot Bad Mother’s Handbook. [HR]

Cherry on Top: Rob Schneider, Tania Raimonde, Kristin Cavallari, and Rumer Willis star in Wild Cherry, a high-school sex comedy inspired by the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata. While this sounds like an incipient disaster, helmer Dana Lustig already has her next film, the surefire hit Rock and Roll Nanny (seriously), already set up. [Variety]

Jesse L. Martin Would Like to Meet Your Parents