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Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Has Best-Looking Sex-Tape Cover Ever

Courtesy of Vivid Video

Say what you want about the supposed Jimi Hendrix sex tape reported in today’s New York Times — that it’s a likely fraud, that eleven minutes of obscured footage of someone who may or may not be Hendrix doesn’t sound all that erotic, that we’d much rather someone dig up eleven previously unreleased minutes of Hendrix playing guitar — but Vivid Video has designed a really fantastic-looking cover for the DVD. Steering clear of mistakes that other celebrity sex-tape distributors have made — overpopulation, grainy screen caps, and featuring morally repugnant human beings among them — Vivid’s design is cool, crisp, and cheerfully reminiscent of the footage’s era.

In fact, the cover looks so legit that we wonder why today’s hot twentysomething stars don’t record sex tapes as a kind of retirement plan. Like an annuity! Record the tape while you (and your chosen partner) look great, lock the footage in a vault, and then when you’re 60 release it with a nice professional cover design so your grandkids can afford college, which by then will cost $21,000 per credit.

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Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape Has Best-Looking Sex-Tape Cover Ever