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Keith Richards Revives Film Criticism

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“Oh, I love film. D.W. Griffith. Hitchcock. William Wellman. I mean, should I go on? I know my movies.” Keith Richards should go on [EW]

Wings was exactly what every actor hopes will happen when you have zero skill sets, zero experience, and you absolutely cannot find your ass with a fork and a knife. I just had no idea what I was getting myself into.” Thomas Haden Church [A.V. Club]

“She’s kind of like Sandy gone really wrong. It was really a blast. You have to play against yourself, you know?” Olivia Newton-John on playing a tattooed lesbian ex-con in Sordid Lives [EW]

“I’ll wear a suit. I just went through a brutal divorce. I had a suit on for about a year, so I’m actually kind of comfortable in it.” Nikki Sixx on his new position as president of Eleven Seven Records [Billboard]

“Even now, I’ll watch some coverage on E! about a premiere I was at and I’ll think, ‘Oh wow! That looks like so much fun!’ and then I think, ‘Oh yeah, I was there. I went home early and watched TV with my cat because I was bored.’” Jenna Fischer [OfficeTally]

Keith Richards Revives Film Criticism