‘Lost’ Online: Facts and Theories Abound

A scene from tonight’s Lost.Courtesy of ABC

If you’ve been following our explicit instructions, you’re already excited for the return of Lost tonight. As the show careers headlong into its supposedly shocking final scene, code-named “Frozen Donkey Wheel,” we tapped into the ever-buzzing hive mind of the Internet to figure out what we already know about these last five episodes — and what the finest minds in Lost speculation think might be going on.

What We Now Know
• Video clips from tonight’s episode, titled “The Shape of Things to Come,” reveal that a bunch of people will get shot, Jack will be popping some “antibiotics,” and Locke will answer a mysterious phone call that will cause Ben to lose his shit. [E!]

• Producer Carlton Cuse recommends that die-hard fans “continue reading the Bible” to prepare for the last two seasons of the series. [Watcher/Chicago Tribune]

• The rest of the season won’t offer up much information on the freighter folk, the season finale will be three hours long and aired over two consecutive nights, and the fates of non–Oceanic Six castaways will not be resolved by the end of this season. On a side note, the final scene of the series — and possibly even the last line of dialogue — has already been determined. Given that the producers’ plans were influenced by J.K. Rowling, will the last word be “scar”? [Movieweb]

• In the last episode we learned that the island prevented a guilt-ridden Michael from committing suicide. Does this mean that the pill-popping, ready-to-jump-off-a-bridge Jack of the future is being forced to stay alive by the same mysterious powers? Most likely. [Magic Lamp]

What Some Are Predicting
• The freighter folk are probably clueless about the Black Smoke Monster, so they are basically screwed when it turns on them. [TV Squad]

• Doc Jensen reiterates what some other fans have been theorizing for some time: “The Island is a place where the future has already happened.” This could explain why Michael and Jack aren’t able to die. [EW]

• You’re going to have to read through this extended theory about how Lost mirrors the Bible more than once to wrap your head around it, but here are some highlights: The island was home to an ancient and extraordinarily advanced civilization, Jacob is a survivor of the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative was attempting to engineer a new Messiah, and cute little Aaron might be an Antichrist of some sort. [EYE M SICK]

• There’s no way anyone would throw away the resources needed to plant an airplane at the bottom of the ocean — even if it did cost only $450,000 — because there’s no way anyone would scan half the Pacific for a missing plane in the first place. Instead, the plane that was discovered is the result of the inevitable course correction that took place after the real plane entered the wormhole. And if you take this thinking a step further, you can see that neither Ben nor Charles Widmore is responsible for the decoy. [Dark UFO]

• Karl is dead, but Rousseau is not. Duh. [Long Live Locke]
—Michael Alan Connelly

‘Lost’ Online: Facts and Theories Abound