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Crafty Michael Bay Claims Everything You Know About ‘Transformers 2’ Is Wrong

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Machiavellian filmmaker Michael Bay has revealed, via a message-board post on his official Website, that everything we’ve heard about next year’s Transformers sequel has been a lie, leaked to blogs and the press by the famously clever director himself. “Sorry everyone, everything you are reading (other then [sic] we are shooting in Philly) is false,” he writes. “We are going to give so much disinformation on this film to confuse everyone.”

So, clearly, all published information on Transformers 2 is wrong, meaning recent reports that it will feature Constructicons were almost certainly bogus (though we still stand by the excerpted screenplay we posted in February) — and our cursory research indicates we could be in for quite a few more surprises as well. Wikipedia claims that Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox from the original are signed on to return, so apparently there will be an all-new cast. The film’s IMDb page says it’s English language and shot in color; since these are obviously lies, there’s a good chance that, with T2, Bay will finally realize the art-house potential he only hinted at in Armageddon and The Rock. Curiously, though, many different sources are asserting that he will be directing the movie, throwing even that into uncertainty. We don’t know what’s real anymore! Michael Bay, you are truly an evil genius.

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Crafty Michael Bay Claims Everything You Know About ‘Transformers 2’ Is Wrong