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Mike Judge Returns to the Office

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Judge Extracts Bateman: Mike Judge gives Jason Bateman a long-awaited lead role in his new comedy, Extract. Let’s hope Miramax will treat this movie better than Fox did Idiocracy and, you know, actually release it. Extract represents a return to workaday life for Judge, as the film’s set in an office, but with Bateman playing the boss rather than a downtrodden employee — which explains the movie’s original title, I Am Curious Lumbergh. [Variety]

Helfer Burns Out: TV Guide is gleefully reporting that Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica’s Cylon extraordinaire, will have a multi-episode run on USA’s Burn Notice. As the giddy Michael Ausiello exclaims, “Does it get any better than that? Well, does it?!” Sure it’s news, but he’s so excited you’d think Helfer just announced a multi-episode run of posing naked in his office. [Ausiello Report/TV Guide]

Ripley Hears Tommy: Tony-nominated Alice Ripley (Next to Normal) will play Mrs. Walker in an upcoming Los Angeles production of The Who’s Tommy. Joining her is The L Word’s Nona Hendrix as the Acid Queen. According to press notes, the production will require the audience to wear headphones for an immersive 3-D sound, and since it’s at Hollywood’s Ricardo Montalban theater, presumably they’ll all be fitted with muscular prosthetic chests. Khaaaaan! [Playbill]

Virgin Fills Out: Iggy & the Stooges, Chuck Berry, and Wilco have joined Virgin Mobile Festival’s lineup for Baltimore’s August 9 and 10 shows. They also announced a performance from Bob Dylan, although there’s a 30 percent chance Cate Blanchett will show up instead. [Billboard]

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Go to Court: The honeymoon is over, and it looks the marriage ended with it. Gary Coleman and his newly acquired ball-and-chain, Shannon Price, will appear on Divorce Court where they will discuss Coleman’s “anger and intimacy issues.” According to Price, he throws “temper tantrums like a 5-year-old” and even bashes his head against the wall. Your Honor, Mr. Coleman would like to state for the record that he has no idea whatshetalkin’about. [HR]

Mike Judge Returns to the Office